Memory & Study Habits

Memory and study habits go hand in hand at this stage of my life. My study habits are very strict and organized. I set aside specific times throughout my day for creating cheat sheets, notecards, reading materials, etc. I enjoy planning for study time which excites me and makes me want to study. I am a hands-on and visual learner, so I like to have set instructions and be doing something related in the process. Our in class activity of synaptic communication was a fantastic learning tool for me because it allowed me to become a part of what I was learning. Memory is a very important skill at this time in my life because there is so much I have to memorize in the occupational therapy major as well as in my other classes. My short term memory is very great, I can store information and retain it at ease for a test or exam, but because it is short term, it flies out of my brain and I never think of it again. My long term memory needs expanding. I have tried several different techniques for my long term memory but nothing has seemed to work. No matter how often I study, I never seem to be able to recall information easily, if at all. If anyone has any ideas as to how to expand your long term memory, leave it in the comments so I can try it out!


One thought on “Memory & Study Habits

  1. You seem to know of some great study tools as it is, which is great to hear! While I don’t know how one would go about expanding their long term memory as a whole, I can offer some tips to help the brain retain the information and to have it stay in your head longer. It seems like you know the tricks to help something stay in your head for a short period of time, which I can imagine would be useful for tests, but to help cement something in, I would recommend combining as many senses as possible. The more senses you use when learning something, or relearning for that matter, the better it will stick. I like to read my notes out loud as I rewrite them or have a friend read my notes out loud while I read in my head alongside. If you can relate anything at all to your personal life or any memories you have, definitely do so! If you link something closely to your life, you are much more likely to remember it for a long time, not just for your next exam.

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