Psychoactive Drugs

Many states in our country have legalized the use of both recreational and medicinal marijuana, and many more are considering if they should too. While this topic has seen many arguments as to whether or not marijuana should be legal, and in what context it would be legal in, I would like to give my opinion on the matter. I believe that marijuana should be legal in every state for medicinal purposes. Marijuana has been tested and has given positive results that it can aid in the treatment of illnesses like epilepsy, and can decrease nausea, muscle pains, and inflammation. There was a study done on a young boy whose epilepsy caused him to have nearly 100 seizures every day.  This boy was given a dosage of CBD (cannabidiol), which would ensure he wouldn’t get high off of the drug. After a lot of trial and error, the family finally found the right dosage for the boy and got him down to zero to three seizures a day. This is only one of the many ways medical marijuana have helped people of all different walks of life overcome health obstacles.  Click here to read more about this study.

As far as my opinion on recreational use of marijuana, I think that the states should be in charge of whether they want to legalize it or not. I think that sooner or later (sooner rather than later) marijuana will be legalized in all 50 states both legally and recreationally.


2 thoughts on “Psychoactive Drugs

  1. Wow that research on epilepsy is very interesting. This point exemplifies how important research drug research is. I agree that medical research on marijuana is very important. As marijuana is a schedule one drug it is highly argument-ed that it should be moved to a scheduled two. For a drug to be schedule one it is supposed to be highly addictive, have high possibility for abuse, and no accepted medical applications. Marijuana obviously has medical applications as you have shown. Seizures disrupt people’s entire lives. People cannot drive a car or regally have daily activities without fear of a seizure. The addictive features of marijuana have proven mainly psychological and not neurological. This is different than say nicotine which literally changes the way the body handles dopamine. After the body is getting over the addiction the dopamine receptors cannot feel the same amount of pleasure as they have been chemically changed. It will take years to get back to the way they were before the addiction. Since marijuana is psychologically addictive I agree it should be legal everywhere for medical use.


  2. I definitely agree that marijuana should be legalized everywhere for medicinal use. I did a lot of research when I was in high school about the effects of medical marijuana for people who have epilepsy and there are a lot of different examples of its effectiveness in lessening the severity and amount of times people would have seizures. I think if it does become legalized there needs to be some form of ongoing testing, however, because it is a fairly new topic and people do not really know the long term effects of continuously using it. Marijuana can not be specifically classified as a stimulant or a depressant, it has qualities of both so it could be hard to determine how each patient would react off of it. It could be extremely helpful to some, but not as much for others. It is still a drug and causes impairment to the user so I think that it should also need to be highly monitored. If it helps improve someone’s quality of life though, I do not see why they shouldn’t be able to use it.


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