Violent Video Games

I believe that violent video games can have very negative effects on children who do not receive enough supervision from their parents. Video Games have ratings for a reason, and that reason is so that children who could be susceptible to violence and destruction do not play and are not exposed to the video games, however, many parents ignore the ratings and allow their children to play violent video games without watching to see just how the games could effect their children. Parents should at least watch the video game in action before allowing children to play them so they can decide whether or not their child should play it or not.

Three of my younger cousins have disorders such as ADHD and anger management issues. The three of them have been playing violet video games since they were very young (around 6). Since they were already violent by nature, they felt the need to learn how to execute different moves in the video games, which I have observed other children to do as well. I believe that this is a disturbing practice because of how interested children are in correctly stab a teddy bear in the heart with a pencil just like their character in a video game did to another person.

Children who play video games will be less affected by violence in the future, they may even enjoy watching something violent or even doing something violent. Exposure to violent video games at a young age should not be something we are allowing to happen in our world, and I believe that if we were able to get rid of violence in video games altogether children will grow into more peaceful, less violent adults.


One thought on “Violent Video Games

  1. Psychologists wonder whether violent video games create violent children or if they encourage violent behaviors that were already inhabited in the child, so I’m glad you touched on that in your viewpoint. Your perspective on this subject that is one shared by many, but I wonder where the line would stop with “violence.” I think it’s clear to see that games like Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty have clear violence in them, but it isn’t so clear with games like Super Smash Brothers Brawl. One shows clear blood or gore, but the other involves cartoon characters beating each other up to win, just no blood is shown. While this is still violence, would you considering it worthy of being banned? Where do we go with shows like Tom & Jerry, where the whole premise of the show is the mutual torment these animals put each other through, mainly at violent costs?


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