I originally chose to come to Elizabethtown College because of the Occupational Therapy program offered. Here, I will complete 5 years of education and obtain a master’s degree. This was a huge selling point for me because not many schools offer a 5 year program that does not require reapplying for the master’s degree program. Also, E-town offers what seems like thousands of different opportunities to get involved on campus. I also considered size when looking at schools. My graduating class in high school was 97 students, which means I had the opportunity to connect with all of the students in my cohort and all of my teachers. Here at E-town, I am able to form relationships with my professors and peers that will help me to succeed in my studies.

Recently, I have struggled with motivation in my school work and even though I tell myself that I need to study and do work, I always procrastinate and do poorly on the assignments. I realized that in order to pass I had to inspire myself to work even harder. I sat down with my textbooks and outlined every important detail in each chapter. It’s easy for me to remember things by color, so I used different highlighters to mean different things. I ended up having a lot of fun creating my notes and studying them. I ended up doing significantly better on my most recent exam. I had a small wake-up call when I met with my advisor who gave me the idea of my new note taking style. Since we can easily meet up with our professors one on one, I will continue to meet with my professors throughout my years at E-town and take their advice on how to be successful in studying and preparing myself for my future.


3 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. I can relate to your post because I also came to Etown for the academics. Although not Occupational Therapy, Etown’s education program and the 4+1 master’s program really stuck out to me. I also really enjoy the different activities which are offered on campus. Where I differed from you, however, was that my graduating class was about 475 so Etown was a big adjustment for me. Although an adjustment I really am enjoying Etown. When it comes to your motivation, we are also very similar in the procrastination aspect. I think that motivation is especially hard to have as the semester is nearing an end. However, to help, I really enjoyed your study idea, with using the different colors to make the information more comprehensible.Something that has worked for me in this area is “teaching” the information while separating it by category which also makes it easier to remember. Overall, I agree with you that Etown really is a great school for helping with motivation, advising, activities, and providing educational opportunities.


  2. The academics at Etown also drew me to the College. I came for the English program, which offers a professional writing major. The size of the school was also important to me. My graduating class was 120, so Etown was not a large adjustment. I think inspiring yourself to work harder is a good way to stay motivated. Talking to professors about better ways to study is also an important aspect of improving school work ethic. Improving study habits can be a helpful motivator.


  3. I can relate to your need of creativity when creating your notes. I think the color coding is a good idea since it can help with memorizing and learning the material if you apply a specific color and meaning to it. It also makes studying a little more enjoyable. Just siting down and trying to study for hours at time is very difficult and may not always work out for the best. It might be better to split up the time spent on different classes and change up what assignments to work on. It helps so you wont get tired or bored of one subject. I too procrastinate and need to learn how to manage my time more wisely when working on assignments.

    I also came from a small town, my graduating class was a little under 200. I liked the close community at Elizabethtown because you are able to get the close relationships with professors and students. This I think makes for a better learning experience. Being able to communicate with professors give you more of a chance to get help if needed in a certain class. If you were at a different school in classes of 200 plus people the professor only sees you as a number and not a human. This makes it very difficult if your struggling and need help.


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